Bariatric Surgery FAQs

Tijuana Bariatrics Center FAQs

Q? How Safe is it to have bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico?

A. It’s very safe because we have high standards similar to the US. We use the technique and the material according to the International Standards.

Q? What is the maximum amount of bariatric surgeries are performed per day?

A. In the United States, surgeons perform up to 8-10 bariatric surgeries per day. At Tijuana Bariatrics Center we only perform a maximum of 3 surgeries a day for each surgeon. This ensures high-quality weight loss surgeries with low complication rates.

Q? How does Mi Doctor Hospital compare to Hospitals in the United States?

A. It’s comparable because we do all the things the same. We use the same techniques and the same materials as in the United States.

Q? What are the risks of bariatric surgery?

A. Every surgery has risks and complications. We divide the complications into two categories: major and minor. Major complications are very unusual (about %1). Minor symptoms of nausea and pain are treated with medication.

Q? How does the patient feel right after the surgery?

A. It is normal to feel nauseous and some pain. We try to prevent that.

Q?Is it good for patients to walk around after surgery?

A. We encourage patients to walk around two hours after the surgery. Patients actually do walk after surgery.

Q? What is the patient’s diet like after the surgery?

A. They need to drink water and liquid food in the first week after surgery. After that, they can have soft food and progressively move to regular food.

Q? Is it safe for patients to travel after the surgery?

A. Yes. We keep patients two or three days in the hotel after hospital release. We check their vital signs and check their symptoms before we let them travel.

Q? How much experience do you have in revision surgery? Removing lap band and doing a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery?

A. We are doing more and more revision surgeries. We are removing lap band in patients who failed to lose weight and performing sleeve or gastric bypass.

Q? What about aftercare Do patients have access to you once they are gone home?

A. We have a doctor designated to stay in touch with the patients. Of course, they have access to my email and my cell phone in case they need to contact me.